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Robin Bradley
Robin Bradley was born in Melbourne, Australia, to a musical family on St. Valentine's Day in 1937.

His earliest experiences with wine were at the family's Sunday roasts, where all the children were given a glass of wine and water, the proportions of the former increasing and the latter decreasing as the children grew older.

After matriculating at the age of 15, he found that Melbourne University would not accept him until he turned 17, so he studied to be a concert pianist.

Lack of talent, he says, intervened, and, after a succession of jobs which included delivering groceries and teaching piano, he joined the A.B.C. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Writing Talks and Programming in 1957.

During this time he was accepted as a member of Les Amis du Bon Vin, a small but intensely dedicated wine-tasting group, a chapter of which he later started in 1966 during his four years in London.

Returning to Australia, he started a wholesale wine business specializing in small vineyard wines in 1972.

Out of this increasing preoccupation with wine grew the idea of a huge international wine exhibition, and in 1976 Expovin was born. He co-organized eleven of these exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney, a task that necessitated many visits to winemaking areas in France, Germany and the United States.

By this time he had written many magazine and newspaper articles on wine as well as appearing on TV and radio programs, so a book was inevitable.

The first book appeared in 1977-"Three Days of Wine"-edited transcripts of the 1976 Expovin seminar, to be followed a year later by "The Australian Wine Pocket Book," which sold 24,000 copies.

The idea of the unique "Australian Wine Vintages" series of books came to him when he sought a format wherein there was less opinion and more referable fact.

The wine-drinking public's remarkable acceptance of the concept appears to have vindicated his belief in the superiority of data over verbiage.

There are now 23 editions of the “Australian Wine Vintages” books with total sales now well over 900,000. Other books include two editions of "Small Wineries of Australia."

Compilation, publication and marketing of the Gold Book™, as it has become known, now take up most of his time, apart from that which he devotes to his hobbies of playing piano, composing music for his daughter Louisa and painting.

He is looking forward to producing the 25th edition in the year 2007, after which he intends to drink some of the product on which the book is based.


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